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Financial Targets

a. Each investment is bought with a long term outlook (ideally a minimum holding period of 4 weeks).

b. An investment is either evaluated according to:

i) Base financial performance and High Dividend Based, utilising strategies of Levermann and in-house models.

ii) Fundamental analysis on the basis of long-term industry disrupting business models.

The investments have to fulfil certain Sustainability and Impact Criteria. They should have either a neutral or positive impact.

a. Human Impact. This metric measures the effects on humans in form of increase in health, wealth and equality. The areas to be assessed are customers, employees, suppliers or other stakeholders.

b. Environmental Performance and Concern. This metric measures the effect of the company on the environment. Both their direct effects as well as indirect impacts on the environment including but not limited to carbon emissions, pollution, and unsustainable use of resources.

c. Concern for the continued existence of our planet as we know it. This metric measures more general, macro effects of the company. In particular, future applications/effects on the other categories.

Investments shall be evaluated in accordance with these principles. Furthermore, they shall not only not violate these, but should actively promote advancements in one or more of these sectors of category one.
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