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Ritschy World of Mining

#Nova Minerals


#Nova Minerals Ltd (“Nova”) is an exploration company based in Australia and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:NVA) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA:QM3).   

Nova is focused on gold exploration in two highly prospective regions, the Tintina Gold Province in Alaska and the Northern Territory in Australia. Nova’s gold exploration projects include:

Nova’s flagship project, the Estelle Gold project in Alaska, adjacent to a high-grade gold occurrences and mining Tintina Gold Province. Nova’s Officer Hill project in the Tanami desert in Australia’s Northern Territory is highly prospective for gold. Newmont Goldcrop, owners of the adjacent Tanami gold mine have entered into a joint venture agreement with Nova in relation to this project. As well as its gold assets, Nova has established a diversified portfolio of interest in other minerals to hedge against fluctuations in gold price and expose Nova to upside other high-value minerals. Nova has an indirect interest in the Canadian Thompson Brothers Lithium Project through a substantial stake in Snow Lake Resources Ltd, an aspiring Lithium developer in Manitoba.Nova operates a portfolio of Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Rare Earth Element exploration projects in the Farewell Terrain in Alaska. These include the Bowser Creek, Chip-Loy/Roberts, Windy Fork and Ozzna Creek projects.





Main Company Strategy develop the district in Alaska. The area can bring projects over the next 20 years. Cont. there would be deals with partners (Kinross, Newcrest,…) or sell to them. 


Main PROJECTS: in Alaska - Estelle Gold Project


Korbel is the majority this year 2020

Production in 2023 in Target A and Target B 


Balance in a nutshell: 

Shares on Issue 1023m▪ Market Cap ~A$48m; Management Ownership: JP MORGAN (5.7%), BNP Paribas (3,64%) SL Investors (3.6%), KUSHKUSH INV (3.25%) Share Price approx A$0.047; CASH A$6m. Just did a capital raise to come till August 2020 and 14m come in there from option. 

Next steps:

All financial information: 

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