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A combination of time and strategy diversification.

Adequate position sizing. Never risking more than can be afforded to be lost. Spreading the risk.

Knowing the exit strategy before entering any new trade or position. Safety Switches - Trailing stops. Never entering a new position before knowing how and when to sell. Setting an exit strategy and sticking with it.

This portfolio will be focused on investing in the most profitable and fastest growing publicly traded companies with the best value.

International stocks, with an emphasis on US stocks.

Investing according to a variety of different strategies, each with its own set of criteria’s.

Average holding period 3-12 months.

Independent technical and fundamental research and analysis.

Portfolio Strategy 1 - Following insider buying:
When insiders of a publicly traded company purchase shares of their own company in large quantities it is only for one reason - they know something – material non-public Information that the rest of the world doesn't have access to, which is why they are obliged by law to report their purchase within 48 hours and forced to hold for a minimum of 180 days to even out the playing field. This strategy aims to trail company insiders making large purchases of high quality companies with better than average financials.

Portfolio Strategy 2 – Seasonality and Trends Investing:
Many companies see their sales explode only during certain parts of the year and crash during the other. This portfolio takes advantage of those seasonal trends.

Portfolio Strategy 3 - Value Investing:
Investing in the most undervalued stocks on the market.

Portfolio Strategy 4 - Computer Algorithm Screening System:
Investing in stocks with the biggest potential and best probability for substantial short-term gains

Portfolio Strategy 5 – Momentum Investing:
Investing in growth stocks.
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