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Smart Money Stargazing ⭐️ is about finding the hidden stars in the stock market universe.

Hidden Stars are, in my opinion, healthy and highly-functioning companies. Those companies have high scores with the parameters Integrity, Creative Power, Ease and Connection.

Healthy and highly-functional companies cannot be found by filtering for revenue gains and financial success. Both of which are mere consequences of being a healthy and high-functional company.

The stock market is scanned on a monthly basis for companies that fit the above mentioned four parameters. The score for those parameters is set intuitively. It is backtested with a kinesiological test. The same applies for the investment decison.

There will be a constant monitoring in place to keep the portfolio up to date on a monthly basis. However, the portfolio is considered long-term so, generally speaking, changes should be rare.

Explanation of the Parameters:

Integrity means that the company is free of manipulations at the in- and outside because dishonesty and games & tricks paralyse even the best business models.

Creative power is more than just innovation, it’s Schöpferkraft - the ability to innovate ones own products as well as creating new innovate products and even innovate a whole industry (e.g. Apple with Steve Jobs at the helm).

Ease refers to the decision-making within the company as well as the adaptability to changes in the environment of the company. In general, ease allows the company to be fast and fluid in a compatible environment.

Connection measures if a companies decisions are made based on the companies essence, it’s inherent being, which might in some cases even be different from its statutory purpose. mehr anzeigen
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