I starting trading in 2011, fours years after the financial market crash and punctually to the begin of the "Euro-Crisis". My first trading experience started in a complex and volatile market with widely spread doom and gloom and the fear of the crash of the Euro and the breakdown of the Eurozone. Even though those were tough times and fear seemed reasonable, making short-term profits turned out to be quite easy since the market knew only one direction: south! I am currently finance student at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management with some entrepreneurial background, which gives me both, the theoretical knowledge behind all the financial hocus-pocus but also the practical side, the brutal reality of a company trying to sustain in the long-run! I am improving my trading strategies on a continuous basis and always thrive for the most profitable one. I know that most people do not like risk, me neither. Thats why I changed my strategy over the years from short-term trading which based mostly on price overreactions, to long-term strategies that tend decrease volatility, cost for trading and increase gains since investments will be allocated to the most profitable positions. For four years I was heavily specializing in technical analysis, studying a large variety of indicators and oscillators. Although I understood that there is some profit opportunities, I also understood that technical analysis is not forward looking, which is an important feature for investing in positions for a longer period. For one year now I am focusing on fundamental analysis to understand a companies financial performance and its key drivers. From now on, my investing strategy will be more influenced by the obtained company value, although I will keep integrating technical tools that support my final decision.

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