- Manages own portfolio - Finance and Capital Market Background from leading german Universities - Experience in Investment Banking and Equity Capital Markets which lead to a feeling how the markets deal with new information - Abilitiy to cover all extra costs beside rent and living expenses due to portfolio returns - I believe that as long as the interest level is hold on a relatively low level equities are the only way to create long term value for investors and there are still a lot of underpriced stocks in the market - I will work at my portfolio next to my Masters program in financial economics and a working student job in a technology M&A advisory firm

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Status: Geschlossen

Trader: ValueLeak
Erstellungsdatum 26.11.2014
Performance seit Beginn +43,0 %
Performance 1 Monat -
Maximaler Verlust (bisher) -33,4 %
Erstemission -
Performancegebühr 10 %
Investiertes Kapital EUR 0,00
Schwerpunkt USA
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