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Martin Johannsen
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Es ist beabsichtigt einige ausgewählte Momentum- und Turnaround-Aktien in diesem wikifolio zu halten. Die Anzahl der Aktien soll bei etwa 5 liegen. Das Anlageuniversum umfasst Aktien, aber keine sonstigen Kategorien. mehr anzeigen
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Martin Johannsen
Mitglied seit 21.09.2012


  • Technische Analyse
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Kommentare im wikifolio

Kommentar zu SUPERVALU INC. NEW DL 1

Supervalu has today announced that has an offer from United Natural Foods, Inc. for an acquisition for 32,50$ per share. I think this price is not going to be increased and I close the Position with a return of over 75%. mehr anzeigen

Kommentar zu SUPERVALU INC. NEW DL 1

Supervalu trading nearly at its alltime low after month of restructuring where the company faced negative book value and decreasing earnings in its core market. After some activist investors stepped in there might be another future. The company sells some of its real estates to pay off debt. It has already restructered their debt so that is now mature in several years so that management can concentrate on the development of operational business. It has been made some good progress and the earnings and book value have risen. Although the margin in the whole food and retail market is expected to decrease since amazon.com steps in, but this can be misleading because most of the value chain can not be digitalized. Amazon has to relay on distribution centers and retail stores as well, which supervalue still owns despite to Amazon. So this is a bet that Amazon will not take over such a big marketshare as anticipated in the stockprices and food will not only be an online market in the mid term. If this bet prove to be good then supervalue can be a tenbagger. mehr anzeigen

Kommentar zu MS INDUSTRIE AG

MS Industrie has not managed to keep its momentum over the last weeks and as an automotive supplier they have not the bright future in those times. The automotive industrie is facing several challenges. With the economy probably cooling and trade wars possible OEMs feeling pressure of costs and may reduce their budget. That could hit MS Industrie harder than other suppliers, because their are engaged in diesel and electric motor technologie. Both fields that are affected by investment stopps first, dispite to otto-motors. For these reasons I have sold the complete position. mehr anzeigen

Kommentar zu FIRST SENSOR AG O.N.

First sensor is new to this wikifolio with a small position. It is planned to increase the position in the next weeks. The stock is both: A turnaround story wich gains an enourmes Momentum at the Moment. I will provide more Information later. mehr anzeigen
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