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This portfolio combines fundamentally analyzed value-companies (tagged as VAL) with fast-growth stocks (tagged with YOUTH). For gathering information, I utilize company fundamentals, and my gut feelings(only for growth). Therefore it's perfect for the Youth: it has a bright future! mehr anzeigen
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This weeks plus was probably supported by Pension- and Hedgefunds which were (also due to regulatory underlyings) forced to restructure their equity position at the end of the month and quarter. I am still confident that this is a bear market, especially since we see huge unemployment rates in the states and many companies getting close to their pre-crisis market caps. Although I am pretty new to the market and have  no crisis experience, I believe that we get into a steady downward spiral which will lose itself from Corona-related news in the next months - the only way for strong support is in my view a fast recovery rate in europa and soon a vaccine. In the next time I will focus on certain Tech-companies - just to mention a few names: Wirecard, MS, Twitter, Visa...

As I mentioned i the last comment, I placed a limit order for Berkshire Hathaway. On Friday, April the 3rd, it was published that Buffet´s Holding got rid of a grande pile of southwest and delta, closing this trade with a big loss. I still believe in Mr. Buffet & Co and in their investment strategy: they were probably able to conclude that airlines wont recover.

If my buy limit is reached, I will write a short Introduction about $BRK

Stay Healthy

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Today is April fools day :) (But everything here works serious- jokes aside)

As it seems, the bear market rally ended: I will place a few orders o the way down, the first one will be Berkshire Hathaway. 

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Kommentar zu TENCENT HLDG. LTD

VAL: Tencent 

Tencent is a tech- company from China, with highly used products such as Weixin, WeChat (and WeChat Pay), and relating websites and especially Games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Supercell Gamers (Cash of Clans etc) and PUBG.

They have more than 1,15 billion regualr users and are with those numbers bigger than facebook.

For generating Revenues, they work similar to facebook: a big part of their income is made through advertisements but an even bigger amount through social media, online games and payment services. The most profitable of all, are probably ingame items which can be bought and the younger generation knows how much ingame "items" are actually bought: a lot!

For the financials: Their Revenues are gorwing strongly, at rates ebtween 30% and 50% per year, their profits are similar and they have low debts for such a growing company.

They are currently switching from fast growth to moderate growth and are definitely high valued with a market cap of more than 400 billion €.

In general we have a really good comapny, which is modern and also very interesting for the younger generation.



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Today, on Tuesdays, Dax Futures were traded at 9100. Production in China starts again. Tencent is a pretty solid company, later this day I am going to post a detailed desription, why I decided to buy Tencent.

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