With wikifolio.com, financial investment arrives in the 21st century: wikifolio.com combines the concept of investing one's money profitably with the principles of social media. All users benefit from this: both investors and traders.

What we want to achieve
The wikifolio.com team wants to democratize the investment market: Investors benefit from the freely accessible knowledge of traders, and hidden trading talents – “Hidden Champions” – become visible. Find out more about the vision of wikifolio.com now!
How it all started with wikifolio.com
In just two years, wikifolio.com has become the leading social trading platform. The formula: a brilliant idea and strong partners. Read here how the idea of wikifolio.com came into being and where wikifolio.com stands today!
What we stand for
wikifolio.com is the major player for serious financial investments. We keep this promise through our uncompromising transparency, maximum security and our fair fee model. Find out more about our five ironclad principles!