Vienna/Munich (18 July 2018) –, Europe's largest platform for transparent investment strategies, and digital asset manager Werthstein cooperate to make direct access to financial investments even easier. From now on, Werthstein also implements the investment topics it developed for asset management in wikifolios. Furthermore, wikifolio certificates are becoming part of the Werthstein asset management offer and are available to its customers for diversification.

The investment approach developed by Werthstein offers customers the opportunity to develop a broadly diversified, individualized portfolio in a cost-effective manner and to achieve higher returns than the market as a whole by investing in current economic, technological or social trends. The trends identified by international capital market experts, so-called "Zeitgeists", are now also being incorporated in so that their performance can be tracked at any time and in a completely transparent manner.

Topics people are excited about

Via wikifolio certificates, investors can include topics such as "driverless cars", "the fight against sugar" or "space travel " in their own brokerage account. The collateralized wikifolio certificates are listed at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and can be traded at almost every bank.

Andreas Kern, founder and CEO of is very pleased: "The partnership with Werthstein is a perfect fit for our plan to get more people excited about stocks. The professionally compiled Zeitgeists now also offer all those who take their financial investments into their own hands another exciting opportunity on to capitalize on opportunities in the capital market."

Diversification, with wikifolio certificates as well

In addition, Werthstein will include selected wikifolio certificates that are based on the trading ideas of the best traders on the social trading platform in its own offering and thus make them available to Werthstein customers for further diversification.

Felix Röscheisen, Chief Representative of Werthstein: "We want to make it easier for investors to create a portfolio that reflects their personal interests and beliefs and that is put together according to professional criteria at the same time. We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in in order to be able to offer our successful Zeitgeists as certificates to even broader investor groups. wikifolio certificates have by now established themselves as an asset class in its own right, which we don't want to deny our clients for diversification."

Helping investors succeed

The cooperation between Werthstein and extends beyond the joint products. Both FinTechs attach great importance to providing investors with high-quality content on financial investment topics. So Werthstein experts publish Zeitgeist analyses via the media company. The opinion of the wikifolio traders is in turn integrated into the Werthstein Index and the articles by the online asset manager.

An extension of the cooperation is already planned: Similar to a fund of funds, Werthstein plans to bundle several trend topics into wikifolios of wikifolios and to offer the corresponding products to their customers according to their risk tolerance.