Vienna/Berne (03 August 2018) - continues on its growth path: Swiss investors can now trade wikifolio certificates issued by Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft via BX Swiss in Swiss francs. In the first half of 2019, tradability will follow at PostFinance, one of the leading retail financial institutions in Switzerland.


Until now, wikifolio certificates were listed exclusively in euros on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, where are regularly listed among the most traded investment products and more than doubled their trading volume last year. As part of the internationalization of the social trading platform, wikifolio certificates will be tradable in other currencies – Swiss francs are now the first additional currency in which wikifolio certificates are available.

wikifolio certificates in Swiss francs

BX Swiss is the exclusive listing partner for wikifolio certificates in Switzerland. Investors who submit securities orders to BX Swiss via their bank can now also trade 2,200 of the collateralized wikifolio certificates in Swiss francs.

Carsten Lütke-Bornefeld, Head of Trade Center at Lang & Schwarz, is pleased: "The next milestone, to provide persons domiciled in Switzerland with wikifolio certificates in Swiss francs, has been achieved. With BX Swiss, we have the ideal listing partner in Switzerland by our side."

"Furthermore, wikifolios, which are managed in Swiss francs, will soon be able to build the basis for wikifolio certificates," adds Andreas Kern, founder and CEO of And further: "We are at the beginning of a promising common growth story."

Growing with BX Swiss

BX Swiss is a stock exchange focused on the needs of Swiss investors and issuers. It is subject to the Financial Market Infrastructure Act and is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. Since the takeover of BX Swiss by Börse Stuttgart at the beginning of this year, there are signs of growth: longer trading hours and a broad range of tradable products are intended to convince even more investors of quality trading at BX Swiss.

Harald Schnabel, CEO of BX Swiss: "With the exclusive listing of wikifolio certificates in Switzerland, we are offering Swiss investors an attractive and unique opportunity. This is in line with our approach of making new products available in Switzerland and tradable in high price quality."

Get people enthusiastic about stocks with PostFinance

From the first half of 2019, wikifolio certificates will also be tradable at PostFinance. This provides a broad range of investors in Switzerland with another attractive option for diversifying their custody accounts.

Andreas Kern, founder and CEO of "Together with PostFinance we want to get more people enthusiastic about stocks. With we offer direct access to skilled people in the capital market. To watch wikifolio traders implementing their diverse trading strategies, leaning from them and discovering new investment opportunities, inspires people to engage in the capital market and to invest themselves. "

This is how works

On, private traders, professional asset managers and media companies realize their trading ideas free of charge in the form of virtual portfolios (so-called wikifolios). These may become "investa-ble", i.e. form the basis for a listed wikifolio certificate. For this to occur, the virtual portfolio must be at least 21 days old. In addition, it requires ten non-binding watchlistings from other users who would be willing to invest a total of 2,500 Swiss francs in the corresponding certificate.

In a final step, traders must authenticate themselves so that Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft ultimately issues an open-ended index certificate on the performance of the wikifolio. The security is then listed at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange (EUWAX) and, more recently, on the BX Swiss (BX), provided the wikifolio is based on stocks only.

All wikifolio certificates are collateralized, which means that potential losses from an issuer risk, which is generally associated with investing in certificates, are largely hedged.