Insight into the sentiment of the community - your interactive outlook for the markets Insights provides you with a free analysis and monitoring tool that draws its data directly from the community and is based on the knowledge of thousands of wikifolio traders and investors. Get an overview of the current situation and trends on the stock markets.

Asset Allocation

Find out which investment instruments the wikifolio traders currently have in their portfolio. The interactive asset allocation visualizes down to the level of the individual securities how the capital invested in wikifolio certificates is distributed.

So benutzen Sie die Asset Allocation in Insights

Hover your mouse over a field to see which subcategories the asset class is divided into. By clicking on the respective field, you can navigate one level deeper and can find out details about the individual categories. On the level of individual securites, the top 20 in terms of share are displayed. The proportion of the individual security in the total volume, as well as the current monthly performance, are displayed. From here you can navigate directly to the single stock page or to our partner Onvista to get all the details about this security.

The data is updated daily.