High watermark

The high watermark marks the current highest level of the wikifolio within a calendar year and is used to calculate the performance fee.

Index level

The index level is the current value of the respective wikifolio certificate. The actual buy and sell prices, however, differ due to the spread. 

Performance since the beginning

The key figure “performance since creation” defines the performance of a wikifolio since its creation. 

Performance 1 year/6 months/1 month 

The key figure defines the performance of a wikifolio since the cited period of time.

Maximum Loss

Maximum Loss (up to now), often also referred to as “maximum drawdown”, represents the maximum cumulative loss since the creation of a wikifolio. In simplified terms, the value is calculated as follows: (price low x 100 / previously reached peak price) – 100. 

Sharpe Ratio

The Sharpe ratio basically defines the excess return that exceeds the risk-free interest rate in relation to the risk. At wikifolio.com, the Sharpe ratio refers to the price development of the wikifolio and is calculated over the period of the last 12 months. In detail: With each wikifolio, the daily (relative) returns are taken into account. From these (or from their natural logarithms), we calculate the mean value and standard deviation. Both are annualized and related to one another.

Calculation in detail:
annualizedReturn = exp(365 * averageReturn) – 1
annualizedStdev = stdev * sqrt(365)