Becoming a wikifolio trader on is easy. Everyone can register on and manage wikifolios.  In order to publish a wikifolio, the wikifolio must meet some requirements, such as having a fully formulated trading idea and showing at least one performed trade.

How to create a wikifolio

Do I have to legitimize myself?

In order to obtain the status “Investable” for a wikifolio, wikifolio traders must legitimize themselves on, i.e. identify themselves with an ID copy, address and telephone number. Another prerequisite is that the trader has already reached the age of 18. From this point on, the real name of the trader is visible in their profile.

The wikifolio must also meet some criteria such as a minimum of ten watchlistings with at least 2,500 euros of non-bindingly pledged investment volume and a 21-day track record. Furthermore, the wording of the trading idea will be reviewed by an employee of

Please consider that currently only wikifolios in German can become investable, thus form the basis for a wikifolio certificate. Therefore the legitimisation of traders of the international version of is not mandatory at the moment.

First-mover advantage for wikifolios in English

wikifolio traders who create their wikifolios in English profit from the first-mover advantage. Use the chance to build a solid track record and to collect watchlistings, both fostering the trust of investors and being the first step of the wikifolio issuance process! Traders with wikifolios in English will be notified as soon as the issuance is possible.