Round about 6,000 stocks, ETPs and funds from Lang & Schwarz form the basis of wikifolios created in English*. Only exchange traded products can be traded in the wikifolio.

When creating a wikifolio, each wikifolio trader can limit the investment universe available for the implementation of their respective trading idea corresponding to their trading idea.

*wikifolios created in German are based on an investment universe of up to 250,000 stocks, ETPs and structured products from Lang & Schwarz, HSBC Trinkaus and Société Générale.

Trading on The investment universe

Can I suggest a security for the investment universe?

wikifolio traders may submit a request for inclusion of an investment instrument on, which is then added to the wishlist. The basic criterion for inclusion in the investment universe is the inclusion of the security in a German stock exchange. Moreover, the security must be liquidly tradeable and have a corresponding market capitalization. Lang & Schwarz checks the inclusion of new securities in the investment universe on a regular basis.


Basic knowledge: Definition of the asset classes

ETP (Exchange Traded Product)
The term ETPs encompasses ETFs, ETCs, and ETNs. An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an investment fund that is traded on the stock exchange. ETFs are mostly managed on a passive basis and acquired and sold via the stock exchange. On, this category also includes Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC) and Exchange Traded Notes (ETN) which allow an investment in commodities or indices (notes) while being traded as certificates.

As part of funds, investments are made in various assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds or a mixture of different asset classes. Fund assets are special assets of an investment company and are managed by an fund manager.

Investment certificates
Certificates or investment certificates are securities whose price performance is derived from the performance of an underlying asset such as a stock or index. The most current products in this group are index certificates, bonus certificates, discount certificates or reverse convertibles.

Leverage products
Leverage products, also referred to as derivatives or structured products, offer buyers a leveraged, i.e. disproportionate, participation in the performance of an underlying instrument such as stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. Subscription warrants, knock-out products or factor certificates can be found in the investment universe.