In order to join us in preparing for the internationalization or to be able to manage the trading ideas in their own national currency, more base currencies are now available for wikifolio traders. Trading ideas can now be implemented in the following base currencies in wikifolios: Euro (EUR), Swiss Franc (CHF), Pound Sterling (GBP), US Dollar (USD), Nordic Kroner (NOK) Swedish Krona (SEK) and Polish Zloty (PLN).

Can I change the currency that was set while creating the wikifolio afterwards?

By creating a wikifolio, the base currency is irrevocably fixed. If a trading idea is to be implemented in another currency, a new wikifolio must be created.

Which investment universe is available to me when I manage a wikifolio which has not set Euros as its base currency?

Currently, traders of wikifolios who have not defined Euros as the base currency, have available to them stocks, ETPs and funds in the investment universe. wikifolios of wikifolios can therefore only be created with Euros as their base currency.

In which currency are transactions carried out?

All transactions in wikifolios are entered and carried out in the specified base currency. This also applies to limit orders which are also created and possibly executed in the base currency of the corresponding wikifolio. All securities of Lang & Schwarz are converted into the base currency of the wikifolio at current exchange rates. The conversion is done at the average rate of each currency pair.

When can wikifolios with a currency other than Euro set as their base become investable?

Currently, only wikifolios that have defined Euros as their base currency can become investable. But wikifolio traders already have the opportunity now to meet the necessary criteria for an issuance and for building their track record.