Before a wikifolio becomes investable so it can form the basis for a wikifolio index certificate, it must meet certain requirements: 10 watchlistings, at least EUR 2,500 or CHF 2,500 of non-bindingly watchlisted capital and the completion of a test period of at least 21-days. In addition, the legitimation of the trader by means of an ID copy and the discussion of the trading idea and the title of wikifolios take place in a telephone interview.

As soon as a wikifolio meets the basic criteria, the trader can apply for the status “Investable” for their wikifolio. From this point on, the investment universe can no longer be changed; the issuance process has started.

Following the application, the traders will be prompted via email to prove their identity by sending a copy of their ID and the information regarding their home address and telephone number by e-mail. The respective trader profile on is supplemented by the trader's real name.

Furthermore, the date for the subsequent telephone interview is agreed on.

In the telephone interview, the trading idea and title of the wikifolio are checked for compliance with the guidelines and adjusted together if necessary.

How your wikifolio becomes investable