When creating a wikifolio, wikifolio traders can select the base language of their wikifolio regardless of the language they use in wikifolio.com. The language setting for the wikifolio refers to the trading idea and the comments in the wikifolio that must be written in the selected language.

Currently, you can select German or English when creating the wikifolio. The language setting can still be changed until the moment of applying for issuance.

Are there differences with regard to the options of wikifolios in different languages?

Investment universe
German-speaking wikifolios can trade in the entire wikifolio.com investment universe if desired. If English is selected as the language when creating a wikifolio, the investment universe is automatically restricted to stocks, ETPs and funds. Thus, derivatives cannot be traded in English-language wikifolios; creating wikifolios of wikifolios currently remains reserved for German-language wikifolios.

Issuance process
English-language wikifolios will be translated into German after the issuance conversion in order to become investable and thus form the basis for a wikifolio certificate. The translation happens at wikifolio.com and is not associated with any costs for the trader. This is followed by the wikifolio verification process and the issuance of the wikifolio certificate.

How can the wikifolios in different languages be found using the wikifolio search?

All available wikifolios, regardless of their language, can be found with the wikifolio search. However, depending on the current country setting, the filters “Only show wikifolios in German” or “Only show wikifolios in English” is automatically active and can be deactivated as needed.