In general, wikifolios can be closed at any time. How long the closing takes and the conditions necessary for it depend on the current status of the wikifolio.

Non-investable wikifolios or investable wikifolios which are the basis for wikifolio certificates without invested capital are closed immediately upon notification by the wikifolio trader. 

When closing a wikifolio that forms the basis for a wikifolio certificate with invested capital, all open positions in the wikifolio are sold in a first step. The invested capital is thus no longer exposed to the market risk. In addition, all fees will be suspended as of this date and there are no more price changes. A message appears in the wikifolio detail view that the wikifolio is being closed.

Investors will now be able to sell the wikifolio certificate at the price last determined. As a general rule, the wikifolio certificate is terminated on December 30 of a given year. Certificates that have not been sold by then will be automatically derecognized from the brokerage account for the equivalent value.

For reasons of transparency, closed wikifolios are still shown in the profile of the respective trader.