When searching for the suitable wikifolio for one’s own brokerage account, the use of wikifolio search is recommended. Extensive filters, special labels and the top wikifolio rankings help restrict the selection so as to only display wikifolios with the desired characteristics and find the suitable wikifolio.

Finding a wikifolio: The wikifolio search options


When selecting wikifolios, it is crucial to pay attention to how wikifolio certificates are added to the current investment mix, in other words where the priorities lie and where a supplement makes sense. Generally, experts recommend diversification, i.e, the distribution of the assets to be invested to several investment options.

As with virtually every investment option, wikifolio.com users can avail themselves of charts and key figures for the individual assessment of the available options. Users of wikifolio.com can furthermore view the wikifolios at any time. You can see a description of the trading idea of the trader, the current virtual portfolio and all virtual buys and sells in the wikifolio since its creation. The comment feature also allows wikifolio traders to inform users why they bought or sold a certain security at a certain time.


wikifolio.com makes no recommendations and does not provide any consulting services. However, it is generally recommended to pay attention to how actively a trader manages their wikifolio, how fast they react to events on the markets or, if applicable, how their other wikifolios have developed so far.