It is not possible to invest in wikifolios, i.e. the virtual portfolios kept at As a notional reference portfolio, a wikifolio can, however – subject to certain conditions – form the basis for an open-ended index certificate (wikifolio certificate) listed on the stock exchange. These certificates are traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange and can therefore be bought and sold through nearly any bank and online broker or directly at Lang & Schwarz. wikifolio certificates are collateralized. That means losses from a general issuer risk associated with certificate investments are largely hedged.

Since the performance of a wikifolio results from the relative performance of the securities in the wikifolio, minus the certificate and performance fee, the performance of the wikifolio certificate corresponds to that of the wikifolio.

Investing in wikifolios: The wikifolio fees

In principle, wikifolio certificates can be traded at all banks offering a trading connection to the Stuttgart Stock Exchange or over-the-counter trading with Lang & Schwarz by specifying the ISIN. The transaction itself works just like e.g. buying stock. Besides the market order, limit and stop orders on a wikifolio certificate are also possible in the exchange and OTC trading.

The minimum investment in a wikifolio certificate is the equivalent of one piece. You can find the current price of the wikifolio certificate in the detailed view of each wikifolio. No fees will be charged by for the transaction besides the traditional transaction fees of your bank.

Investing in wikifolios: How to trade wikifolio certificates