The display of the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) on is subject to country-specific restrictions. It may only be displayed when the wikifolio certificate is or was publicly offered in the respective country. When you call up the website, you are usually automatically directed to the country-specific website or, if no country-specific website is available for your location, to the international version of

Public offer in Germany

All wikifolio certificates are automatically offered to the public in Germany.

Public offer in Austria

In Austria, those wikifolio certificates are offered to the public (notified) which generate a larger amount of interest. If you would like a particular wikifolio in Austria, you can express your interest by clicking the “more info” button in the wikifolio detail view next to the “ISIN” and entering your e-mail address.

Offer in Switzerland

In Switzerland, selected certificates are automatically offered by the issuer. Currently, however, only wikifolio certificates whose investment universe is restricted to stocks can be offered.