A wikifolio of wikifolios is a wikifolio in which a trading idea that exclusively contains wikifolio certificates is implemented. Each wikifolio trader creating a wikifolio in German can choose between a wikifolio and a wikifolio of wikifolios when creating a wikifolio. Currently wikifolios of wikifolios can be created in German only as the investment universe for wikifolios in English is limited to stocks, ETPs and funds.

Investors can also invest in wikifolio certificates that are based on wikifolios of wikifolios. wikifolios of wikifolios can have the advantage that your investment is spread more widely, since it is split to several individual wikifolio certificates; in other words it is diversified. 

In contrast to classic wikifolios, no high watermark exists for wikifolios of wikifolios. Therefore, no performance fee will be deducted and the certificates fee is waived for the wikifolio of wikifolios as well. In this respect, we significantly differ from the common practice in the financial sector – because we deem duplicate fees for investors unfair.

A wikifolio of wikifolios trader is nevertheless remunerated by means of a proceeds share. This proceeds share is up to 10 percent of the incurred performance fee of the wikifolio certificates included in the wikifolio of wikifolios and is borne by wikifolio.com.