Each registered user on wikifolio.com may create and manage wikifolios free of charge. wikifolios are virtual portfolios and the trading in wikifolios takes place virtually.

wikifolio traders can manage their wikifolios privately or publicly (“published”). Once they meet certain criteria, published wikifolios can become investable and thus form the basis for a wikifolio index certificate.

General criteria for traders of investable wikifolios

In order to qualify a wikifolio as a basis for a financial product, the wikifolio must be at least 21 days old and already have ten non-binding watchlistings of other wikifolio.com users who would be willing to invest a total of 2,500 euros in the corresponding wikifolio certificate. 

The wikifolio trader themselves must have legitimized themselves on wikifolio.com, e.g., with an ID Copy or phone number. This is followed by a telephone conversation with a wikifolio.com employee during which the content of the trading idea is checked together with the trader.

The issuance process

If these requirements are met, the issuance of a wikifolio certificate that simulates the development of a wikifolio is initiated at the issuer Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft.

At the end of the issuance process, the wikifolio serves as a notional reference portfolio to which a wikifolio index refers. Thereupon the Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft issues open-ended index certificates. These open-ended index certificates are traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange and can be bought and sold at nearly any bank and online broker or directly at Lang & Schwarz.

FAQ: What exactly is a wikifolio certificate?