wikifolios of wikifolios contain trading ideas in which only wikifolio certificates can be traded. 

Currently wikifolios of wikifolios can be created in German only as the investment universe for wikifolios in English is limited to stocks, ETPs and funds.

What happens if the wikifolio certificate that is based on my wikifolio is added to a wikifolio of wikifolios?

If someone adds a wikifolio certificate to a wikifolio of wikifolios with invested capital, the invested capital may increase in the respective wikifolio certificate as if someone had bought the certificate for their brokerage account via his bank. Thus wikifolio traders also receive the proportional performance fee for the capital that has been accrued for a wikifolio of wikifolios certificate as a success bonus. The proportionate performance fee for the trader of the corresponding wikifolio of wikifolios is borne by and does not affect the success bonus of the wikifolio.

Which investment universe can be used for a wikifolio of wikifolios?

The investment universe for wikifolios of wikifolios includes all investable wikifolio certificates; the combining with other types of securities (stocks, ETPs etc.) or other wikifolio of wikifolios certificates is not possible. wikifolios of wikifolios traders can voluntarily restrict their investment universe to such wikifolio certificates that dispense with the use of leverage products.

Do wikifolio of wikifolios traders get a success premium?

wikifolio of wikifolios traders receive a proceeds share of up to 10 percent of the resulting performance fee of the wikifolio certificates already contained in the wikifolio of wikifolios for more than a day.

What order types are available for wikifolios of wikifolios?

The order types for wikifolios of wikifolios include all types of orders that are available on, i.e. quote, limit and stop-limit orders.

FAQ: What order types are available on

What happens if one of the wikifolio certificates is closed in a wikifolio of wikifolios?

If an investable wikifolio is closed, an automatic derecognition of the certificate based on it takes place in the wikifolio of wikifolios as is already usual practice with other, no longer tradable securities in wikifolios. The wikifolios of wikifolios trader will be notified by email and the corresponding posting is recorded in the account statement.

Is phone trading available traders of wikifolio of wikifolios?

Yes, in the event of a technical failure, the managers of an investable wikifolio of wikifolios also have the ability to use phone trading for their orders.

Details on phone trading