All registered users on can implement their own individual trading ideas as wikifolios, i.e. free virtual portfolios, on wikifolios can form the basis for an exchange-traded financial product with its own ISIN.

How to create a wikifolio

A comprehensive investment universe of exchange-traded product is available for implementing the trading idea. This includes stocks, ETPs and funds for English wikifolios. wikifolios created in German are based on an investment universe of up to 250,000 stocks, ETPs and structured products from Lang & Schwarz, HSBC Trinkaus, Société Générale and UBS.

The already implemented trading ideas on range from day trading with individual securities to broadly diversified buy-and-hold strategies all the way to wikifolios of wikifolios, that is to say trading ideas that include wikifolio certificates.

Trading on The investment universe

The use of and the creation of virtual portfolios, i.e. wikifolios, is free. There are no transaction costs of any kind for trades. On the contrary: If the wikifolio trader achieves a positive performance, they can improve their return with an additional success bonus.

Unlike many conventional investment products, wikifolios distinguish themselves by their high transparency. All decisions of the wikifolio trader can be tracked in real time. In addition, a complete trading history, the so-called “track record”, is recorded.


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