is Europe’s leading social trading platform, an Internet platform that allows experienced investors to implement and publish their trading ideas in wikifolios, and which offers investors the chance to benefit from the expertise of the wikifolio traders.

Behind is the financial technology company wikifolio Financial Technologies AG, founded in August 2012 in Vienna. The founder and CEO is Andreas Kern, who also developed the idea of – with the goal to make the world of financial investments more transparent, simple and fair.

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Renowned international investors and partners have contributed to the success of For example, the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt with DvH Ventures, the swiss PostFinance, the french NewAlpha Asset Management, Lang & Schwarz as well as the venture capital company Speed Invest GmbH are investors in the company.

In Germany, works together, among others, with the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, the S Broker, the comdirect bank, Finanzen100 and the OnVista Group, but also the Consorsbank. In Austria, there is a cooperation with Hello Bank. Partners in Switzerland are e.g., the finance portal, the Swiss exchange BX Swiss and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ).

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The principle

Investors on have an insight into the trading ideas of professional asset managers, virtual portfolios of major financial media and the diverse trading ideas of wikifolio traders who publish these on the social trading platform in “wikifolios”.

If it meets certain criteria, each wikifolio can serve as a notional reference portfolio referenced by a wikifolio index. Hereupon the Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft issues open-ended index certificates which are traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange and can be bought and sold at nearly any bank and online broker or directly at Lang & Schwarz. wikifolio certificates are collateralized. That means losses from a general issuer risk associated with certificate investments are largely hedged.

Once an investor has invested in a wikifolio certificate, the investor participates in the development of the virtual portfolio – in other words, the wikifolio – in which the trader performs virtual trades.

Both the traders on and the investors in wikifolio certificates pursue the same goal. Both only earn money when the wikifolio generates a return that investors actually profit from (via the performance of the wikifolio certificate). The more money was invested in a wikifolio certificate and the better the performance of the underlying wikifolio, the higher the remuneration for the respective trader.

All visitors of the website are granted insight into the trades of the traders in the wikifolio: Real market data, key figures and all wikifolio trades are displayed in real time. Using the comment function, traders can state why they took certain decisions regarding the wikifolio. This allows interested users and potential investors to always see the quality of the trading ideas or simply learn from selected traders.