The use of is free of charge for both investor and trader. Even trading within the wikifolios causes no transaction costs. Only when investing in a wikifolio certificate will fees apply, but these are already included in the certificate price.

The fees

These fees are composed of two elements: the certificate fee and the performance fee. In order to make our cost model as fair and transparent as possible, we waive issue premiums and hidden fees.

The wikifolio certificate fee is currently up to 0.95 percent per year and is charged daily on a pro rata basis.

The performance fee is between 0 and 30 percent of the success achieved in the wikifolio and is calculated based on the high watermark principle. The performance fee is divided between the trader and

No additional fees are incurred with wikifolios of wikifolios as these are already taken into account in the price of the wikifolio certificates contained in the wikifolio of wikifolios. 

In addition to the wikifolio fees that are already taken into account in the wikifolio (certificate fee and possibly performance fee), the usual transaction fees will be charged by the local bank or online broker when buying or selling the wikifolio certificate.

Details on the fee model