wikifolios are individually created trading ideas in the form of virtual portfolios. Any registered user may publish their trading idea in a wikifolio and thus make it visible on the platform, or even use their wikifolio to create the basis for a financial product (wikifolio index certificate). Each wikifolio is supervised by a wikifolio trader throughout the entire wikifolio life cycle.

The wikifolio life cycle in detail

For the implementation of the trading idea, wikifolio traders can avail themselves of an extensive investment universe. Round about 6,000 stocks, ETPs and funds form the basis of wikifolios created in English. wikifolios created in German are based on an investment universe of up to 250,000 stocks, ETPs and structured products from Lang & Schwarz, HSBC Trinkaus, Société Générale and UBS.

The range of the exchange-traded securities in the wikifolio is also reflected in the trading ideas implemented on They range from broad and long-term virtual portfolios all the way to active day trading strategies.

Unlike many conventional investment products, wikifolios distinguish themselves by their transparency. All visitors have an insight into the trading of the traders in the wikifolio. Real market data, key figures and all trades are visible in the wikifolios in real time.

What types of wikifolio are there?

In wikifolios, a distinction is made based on who supervises them or whether they are dedicated to a specific theme. Thus, the wikifolio search allows for filtering wikifolios of private traders, asset managers and media wikifolios as well as theme wikifolios.

  • Asset manager wikifolios
    Professional asset managers implement their strategies in the framework of wikifolios as well. Licensed asset managers can implement their trading ideas as specially marked wikifolios after consultation with

  • Media wikifolios
    Media companies and stock exchange letters list their virtual portfolios, inter alia, as wikifolios.

  • Theme wikifolios
    Theme wikifolios only include securities that can be assigned to a specific industry or a specific investment theme. Partners of who are specialists in the identification of financial issues and trends can open up wikifolios related to specific themes.

  • wikifolios of wikifolios
    Only wikifolio certificates can be traded in wikifolios of wikifolios. wikifolios of wikifolios can be created by private traders as well as by asset managers and media companies.

Comprehensive explanation of the wikifolio types