What is a watchlisting?

Before a newly published wikifolio can become investable through the issuance of a wikifolio certificate, there first have to be at least ten interested persons who would be willing to invest 2,500 euros in total, and a term of 21 days must have elapsed.

By clicking on “Watchlist” in the detail view of a wikifolio, you give your vote for your favorite wikifolio and specify the amount of money that you would be willing to invest in a non-binding way. We will notify you as soon as this wikifolio has reached the “Investable” status.

Why do I have to specify an amount when watchlisting?

The specification of a possible investment amount is without any obligation and is intended give us and the trader some indication about the significance of the trading idea. In addition, a certain degree of quality is also to be ensured by this procedure. For only wikifolios which are also popular in the wikifolio community also become investable.

Does the amount of my investment play an important role in the selection of a wikifolio?

No, you can invest any amount (the equivalent of at least one wikifolio certificate) in any wikifolio certificate at any time. The amount you specified during your watchlisting does not matter.

What happens when I watchlist a wikifolio?

Click on “Watchlist” in a wikifolio and help the trader come one step closer to the “Investable” status with their wikifolio. You can find the wikifolio again under the menu item “My watchlist” and will be notified by us as soon as the wikifolio achieves the “Investable” status.

Where can I see which wikifolios I’ve already watchlisted?

You can find your watchlisted wikifolios under the menu item “My watchlist”. If one of your watchlisted wikifolios reaches the status “Investable”, you will be notified by us by email without delay.

Can I cancel watchlistings again?

You can cancel watchlistings at any time. Simply access the detail view of the desired wikifolio and click on the link “Delete watchlisting” on the right of the box.