If a wikifolio traders no longer wishes to manage their wikifolios and wants to stop trading, they can – depending on the status – either cancel or close their wikifolio.

wikifolios in “Test” status can be deleted from the wikifolio view by the trader themselves. The button "delete wikifolio" can be found in the trade-view on the very bottom of the page. Deleted test-wikifolios will no longer be visible after that.

As soon as a wikifolio has been published, it can no longer be deleted, only closed. This means that it remains in the history of the trader profile in the status “Closed” even after the closure and stays visible to all wikifolio.com users.

wikifolios in the status “Published” can be closed by the traders themselves. The closure of an investable wikifolios is more complex: Following the closure of all open positions in the wikifolio by the trader, an email with the request for the closure of the wikifolio and the ISIN of the associated wikifolio certificate must be sent to support@wikifolio.com.