By default, users see price data in their local currency. For users from Austria and Germany, the currency is Euro, for users from Switzerland Swiss franc. Users of the International version of have set Euro as their default currency.

To change the currency settings, you find the option at the bottom of the page, next to the country settings. You can choose between CHF (Swiss Francs) and EUR (Euro).

Which prices are affected by the currency settings?

The invested and reserved capital, as well as the price data of the wikifolio certificate, are adjusted to the respective currency settings. Data in the wikifolio search, your personal watchlist as well as your activities are displayed in the selected currency.

If the displayed wikifolio certificate was issued in a currency other than the chosen currency, the specified data will be converted at the current exchange rate. If the price has been converted, you see the information symbol next to the respective amount.

Please note that the investment in wikifolio certificates always happens in the currency in which the wikifolio certificate was issued or is listed.

Soon, wikifolio certificates will be tradable in Swiss francs. Moreover, also wikifolios based on Swiss francs can become investable in the near future.

Why are prices in wikifolios not adapted to my currency settings?

The price data in wikifolios themselves, such as in the current portfolio or in the trade area, depends on the base currency of the respective wikifolios and is not affected by the currency settings.

FAQs: What exactly is the base currency of a wikifolio?

How are the prices converted?

The capital invested, as well as the prices of the wikifolio certificate, are automatically converted using current exchange rate. The update occurs at intervals of approximately ten seconds.

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