The full-text search (search box)

Using the full text search, you can selectively search for wikifolio titles, wikifolio certificate ISINs or wikifolio traders. All search results can be sorted using the drop-down menu above the search result. This allows you to find the wikifolio that suits you in next to no time.

Tip: You can also search e.g. for the ISIN of stocks and get as a result all wikifolios that have this security in the notional portfolio at that moment.

The filters

Using the filters, you can adjust and restrict the search results and arrange them more clearly based on your ideas. The filters “key figures” (e.g. performance, maximum loss), “industries”, “regions” and “risk preference” are available. Each activated filter directly affects the search result list. The filter “Only show investable wikifolios” restricts the search result to wikifolios that are basis of an exchange-traded certificate.

The filter “Only show real money wikifolios” restricts the search result to such wikifolios in whose corresponding certificate the trader has invested at least 5,000 euros of his or her own money.