The top wikifolio ranking

The result list of the wikifolio search sorts the wikifolios based on the criteria of the top wikifolio ranking by default. All of the wikifolios published on form the basis for the top wikifolio ranking. These are assessed against a total of nine criteria, subjected to a scoring and listed in descending order of score. The higher the score of the individual key figures, the better a wikifolio is classified.

The criteria are based, inter alia, on the activity of the trader, the performance of the wikifolio and its popularity with the community.

In order to meet the needs of our users, the top wikifolio ranking is continuously optimized and expanded to include relevant key figures where necessary. These changes can have an important impact on the score and thus affect the ranking of individual wikifolios which is why we inform our users of any changes.

Calculation of the score for the top wikifolio ranking