The wikifolio detailed view

If you are interested in a wikifolio, you can get to the wikifolio detailed view by clicking on the title or the chart. In addition to the chart representation of the wikifolio and trading idea, it includes several drop-down menus with all relevant information:

  • General overview of the basic data as well as the performance of all key figures since the creation of the wikifolio.
  • Current portfolio: the securities currently contained in the wikifolio
  • Trades: the trading history with all buys and sells in the wikifolio
  • Comments: Explanatory notes of the trader concerning their trading activity in the wikifolio
  • Downloads: wikifolio account statement, changes in the trading idea. The wikifolio account statement gives you a full overview of the buys, sells, fees and corporate actions in the wikifolio since its creation.

In the case of investable wikifolios, you will find detailed information concerning the associated wikifolio certificates in the box on the right:

  • The “International Securities Identification Number” (in short: ISIN) of the certificate. With this identification number, you can specifically buy this wikifolio certificate via your bank.
  • The current buy and sell price of the wikifolio certificate.
  • The performance key figures and the amount of capital invested.

If a wikifolio is not investable yet, you can find information about the status of the criteria required for a wikifolio to obtain the status “Investable” in the box on the right side.

  • Number of watchlistings
  • Watchlisted capital
  • Previous length of the test phase


When a wikifolio certificate is not publicly offered in your country, you find the corresponding note in the box on the right as well.

My watchlist

As soon as you have registered with and have watchlisted interesting wikifolios, you will find a list of all your watchlisted wikifolios in the “My watchlist” section. These are sorted by status and you receive a notification by email as soon as a published wikifolio has reached “Investable” status.

With the watchlist, you can easily track the performance of your investments. Each wikifolio features the action button with which you set the buy price for the associated wikifolio certificate. Simply enter the purchase price per unit, the number of certificates bought and the date of purchase. You can immediately see the performance since the buy of the associated wikifolio certificate and the current value of your investment.

Set up your personal watchlist!

Set up or edit watchlist

Tip: Using the wikifolio watchlist, you can keep track of your favorite wikifolios and always stay up to date!