Statuses “Investable” and “Real Money”

When the wikifolio reaches “Investable” status, it serves as a notional reference portfolio to which a wikifolio index refers. Thereupon the Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft issues open-ended index certificates on it. These open-ended index certificates are traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange, at BX Swiss and over the counter at Lang & Schwarz and can be bought and sold at nearly any bank and online broker or directly at Lang & Schwarz.


Additional status: “Real Money”

The symbol for “Real money” is used by to denote those wikifolios for which the trader can prove once a quarter that they have invested at least EUR 5,000 or CHF 5,000 in the wikifolio certificate belonging to their wikifolio. 

The decision of a wikifolio trader to invest in the wikifolio certificate of their wikifolio constitutes a special commitment to their trading idea and their wikifolio. 

This status is granted for 90 days after which the evidence must be provided again.