Status “Published”

With the publication, the wikifolio achieves the status “Published”. As soon as a wikifolio is published, it can be found via the search, viewed by any user and added to the watchlist. Already in this status, the virtual stocks and comments can be viewed and the transactions tracked in real time. During this phase, the trader must succeed in convincing the community – i.e. the registered users of their trading idea in order to obtain the “Investable” status. The following criteria must be met for this:

A minimum term of 21 days (track record)

The wikifolio must have a minimum term of 21 days before it can reach the “Investable” status. The term to date of the wikifolio, the “track record”, is derived from the sum of the days in the status “Test” and “Publication”.

Ten watchlistings with 2,500 euros of watchlisted capital

In addition, each wikifolio must have ten watchlistings and a total watchlisted capital to the amount of 2,500 euros. These watchlistings can be made in a non-binding fashion by any registered user. They reflect the interest of potential investors in investing in the corresponding wikifolio certificate. Therefore, watchlisted wikifolios will also be automatically included in the watchlist of the user.


In the course of the legitimization, the identity of the trader is established. To this end, the trader must provide with a copy of an official photo ID (passport or identity card) as well as their postal address and telephone number.

Editorial check

The editorial check of the trading idea underlying the wikifolio is the final step to the “Investable” status. The responsible trader is contacted by one of our employees in order to provide the finishing touches to the wikifolio. This ensures that the trading idea is clearly expressed and meets all legal criteria.

As soon as all criteria are met, the trader can apply for the “Investable” status. This status change also only takes place at the request of the trader; he/she determines the time of application and may also waive the change in status. If you are interested in a wikifolio, you can inform the trader that you are interested in their trading idea by your watchlisting.

Tip: You receive a notification when a wikifolio on your watchlist becomes investable.