wikifolios of asset managers

More and more professional asset managers use to make their trading ideas public and accessible to anyone. If the checkbox “asset manager wikifolio” is activated in the search, virtual portfolios managed by asset management companies are displayed as well.

For the first time, investors can participate in the performance of asset manager trading ideas with even small investment amounts. Until now this used to be reserved for private and institutional customers with major assets. Just like wikifolio traders, the asset managers selected by make their trading ideas available on in a completely transparent way.

On you have direct access to the trading ideas of asset managers.

What are the criteria for admission of asset managers to places great importance on the quality of its traders and their trading ideas. Therefore, a set of criteria to be met by interested asset managers was developed:

  • Companies with a registered office in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Entry in the trade register or similar register in the respective country
  • Granting of licenses as professional asset managers in the home country pursuant to the statutory provisions (Germany: asset managers / BaFin, Austria: large concession / FMA, Switzerland: asset managers of collective capital investments / FINMA
  • License granting more than 12 months prior
  • Traders have the necessary experience (worked as an asset manager / adviser for at least three years)

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