What are wikifolios, anyway?

wikifolios allow our registered users, the wikifolio traders, to implement and manage their trading ideas in virtual portfolios. Each wikifolio can be published, – i.e. get made publicly visible, upon request of the managing trader. If a trader convinces the wikifolio.com community with the trader’s trading idea, a wikifolio certificate can be issued on the basis of the trader’s wikifolio.

The wikifolio then becomes a notional reference portfolio to which an index refers 1:1. Thereupon the Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft issues open-ended index certificates, wikifolio certificates. These open-ended index certificates are traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange and over the counter at Lang & Schwarz and can be bought and sold at nearly any bank and online broker or directly at Lang & Schwarz.

All virtual transactions in the wikifolio are publicly visible from the beginning and the performance is completely traceable.

The difference between wikifolios and wikifolios of wikifolios

Unlike with wikifolios where basically all the securities of the investment universe may be virtually traded, only wikifolio certificates may be virtually traded in wikifolios of wikifolios. They are like a basket that allows the trader to combine any number of wikifolio certificates of all the mentioned groups.

Through the corresponding wikifolio of wikifolios certificate, the investors have an additional investment option which allows the capital spread to various trading ideas with just one investment. As with all wikifolios, you can also view the current portfolio, follow each transaction of the wikifolio of wikifolios trader and view all key figures and comments at any time and in real time with wikifolios of wikifolios.

Tip: Using the wikifolio search function, you can use the filter to specifically search for wikifolios of wikifolios.