Theme wikifolios

Theme wikifolios only include securities that can be assigned to a specific industry or a specific investment theme. If the checkbox “Theme wikifolio” is activated in the search, these wikifolios will be displayed.

Peculiarities of theme wikifolios

Theme wikifolios contain stocks that are to represent current trends. Investors thus have the possibility to participate in the performance of these investment themes.

Thus for instance, the development of companies of specific industries, of the same business segments or with a similar market approach can be followed. The selection and maintenance of these passive trading ideas is done by the social indexing portal

A cooperation of and allows you to participate directly in the performance of selected investment themes. 

The range of theme wikifolios is constantly being expanded to meet the needs of users and keep up with the latest trends.

Theme wikifolios in detail

There are a number of criteria that characterize theme wikifolios on

  • Same 5 percent performance fee for all certificates that reflect the performance of theme wikifolios.
  • No active management of the wikifolios (passive trading ideas), i.e. the wikifolios are exclusively invested in securities of a particular investment theme.
  • The composition of the wikifolios as well as the weighting of individual titles can change over time. Changes can occur e.g. when companies leave business sectors assigned to a particular trend.

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