The wikifolio master data

Title and symbol

You should select a short and meaningful description of the wikifolio as its title. Ideally, the title should summarize the trading idea. The following applies: concrete is better than abstract. A good title would be, e.g., “consumer goods against inflation”, a poor one “My best wikifolio”. Complete the symbol, consisting of the identifier “WF” and your self-selected letter/number combination that can be up to eight characters long. If you use fewer than eight characters, the free characters will be filled with zeros. The wikifolio ID serves to clearly identify your wikifolio and cannot be changed afterwards. The wikifolio symbol is used e.g. in the long description of the wikifolio certificate.

The starting budget

The starting budget of a wikifolio can be freely adjusted by you. Generally, a higher starting value will be useful for wikifolios if you plan to hold many different securities in your virtual portfolio. Once fixed, the starting budget cannot be modified anymore.

The performance fee

The performance fee gives you the possibility of participating in the success of your wikifolio. You have a say in how high this performance fee should be. Choose a percentage between 5 percent and 30 percent and have up to 50 percent of it paid out to you as a success bonus. The percentage of the performance fee can be altered during the status "Test" but will be fixes as soon as you request the status "Published".

Exceptions when choosing the performance fee:

  • In the case of a wikifolio of wikifolios, the performance fee is waived. In this case, there is a fixed profit participation in the amount of up to 10 percent of the incurred success bonus of the wikifolio certificates included in the wikifolio of wikifolios.
  • In the case of theme wikifolios, the performance fee amounts to a uniform 5 percent.

Details on the remuneration of wikifolio traders

Your trading idea

The trading idea of your wikifolio constitutes an important communication channel to the community. Describe your trading idea in as much detail as necessary and as briefly as possible. Try to avoid “marketing language” and meaningless filler words. Insights into the personal motivation behind a wikifolio are very popular. Short market analyzes make sense as well, as long as they serve to explain your actions in your wikifolio. The trading idea must be at least 200 characters long.

Details on phrasing the trading idea

Tip: Please consider that the symbol and the performance fee can be modified in status "Test" only.