The trader profile

You use the trader profile to introduce yourself to the users. Pay due attention to the creation of your trader profile as it can positively affect the success of your published wikifolio. Convince the community of your skill and experience. 

The trading orientation is divided into the following five areas:

1. Security-oriented: Risk aversion / extensive hedging of the capital base. The safety of the investment is the priority, rather than expectations of return.

2. Return-oriented: The safety of the investment takes a bit of a backseat compared to expected earnings from price gains. Hence, moderate price risks are accepted.

3. Balanced: Higher earnings expectations and the safety of the investment stand in a balanced relationship to each other. Acceptance of success fluctuations and possible price losses, but no price gain maximization at the expense of increased risks of loss.

4. Growth-oriented: The safety of the investment recedes in importance compared to earnings expectations. Increasing return expectations are pitted against significantly increased risks which are accepted.

5. Opportunity-oriented: In order to achieve the highest possible returns, high risks are deliberately taken. Strong success fluctuations and a possible total loss are accepted for the benefit of price gain maximization.

You can edit your trader profile at any time under the menu item “My trader profile” as soon as you have logged in.

Tip: We recommend that you create this description with great care. A good self-description can strengthen the trust in you and your wikifolio.