How to place a limit order

In the order screen in your wikifolio (click on “Trade” for a security in the current portfolio), you can choose between the order types “quota”, “limit” and “stop limit”. Select “limit” for a limit buy or limit sell order.

After the order type has been set, you can specify the quantity, the limit price and the validity.

If there is too little cash for an execution in the wikifolio in the event of a limit buy order, the order can nevertheless be placed. However, an execution may only take place once there is also sufficient cash available in the wikifolio. A limit sell order may also be placed without there being enough quantity of the relevant security available in the wikifolio. An execution is, however, only possible once enough quantity is available. In both cases, the orders can be found in the status “Placed” under “Open trades”.

The validity may be selected from 1 day to 90 days into the future. By default, 30 days are already preselected in the wikifolio trade view.

Once you have set all the parameters for a limit order, you can submit the order by clicking on “place order”. When a limit order is executed, the trader will always be notifed by email.

Tip: Limit orders always expire at the close of trading (Monday – Friday 11 p.m., Saturday 1 p.m. and Sunday 7 p.m.; UTC+01:00) of the selected day.