Payout of success bonuses and proceeds shares

On the page „My success bonus“ traders can see their achieved success bonuses and proceeds shares and can request payment.

Overview of success bonuses/proceeds shares

A table for all wikifolios and one for all wikifolios of wikifolios of a trader provides information about the details of the success bonus/proceeds shares.

The High Watermark as well as earned and outstanding success bonus are displayed for each wikifolio in the base currency of the respective wikifolio. The same applies to the High Watermark and to the earned and outstanding proceeds share of wikifolios of wikifolios. If the payout currency selected by the trader differs from the base currency of the wikifolio, the outstanding amounts in the last columns of both tables are also displayed in the payout currency. The base currency is converted into the payout currency at the current exchange rate.

The proportion is dependent on the invested capital and results from the scale explained in “Success bonus for wikifolio traders”.

Success Bonus Payout

At the top right you can see the amount that is ready for payment. This amount includes all the subtotals listed in the tables on the left and is already converted into the payout currency selected by the trader. By clicking on the button "Request payout" the payout is initiated.

If a payout is not possible and the button "Request payout" is not clickable, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • The amount available for pay-out is less than EUR/CHF 100.
  • One or more wikifolios of a trader have a negative cash balance. In this case, the negative cash balance of the affected wikifolios must be cleared by liquidating an item or subitem.
  • has not yet received the bank details (BIC/IBAN) of the trader. These can be emailed to
  • A pay-out has already been requested and is still being processed.

A corresponding note provides information about the reason.

The most recent transactions can be viewed in the lower part of the page. In addition, account statements are available for download for the transactions per base currency.