Performance fee according to the high watermark principle

The amount of the performance fee constitutes between 5–30 percent of the success achieved in a classic wikifolio. You suggest the amount of the percentage when creating the wikifolio. 

If the wikifolio reaches a new high for the year, a new high watermark is set and the performance fee is calculated.

The basis for calculating the performance fee is the return in the wikifolio, i.e. the difference between the current and the last peak of the wikifolio equivalent value (sum of the cash assets and the stocks in the wikifolo assessed at the daily closing prices of Lang & Schwarz).

At the end of each calendar year, on December 31, the high watermark is reset to the current index level of the respective wikifolio.



Tip: The daily closing prices are always used for the calculation of high watermarks!