Watchlistings and watchlisted capital

Before you can make your wikifolio investable, you must collect at least ten watchlistings. Altogether, the watchlistings for your wikifolio must result in a watchlisted capital of at least EUR 2,500 or CHF 2,500. Watchlistings show the interest of other wikifolio users in your trading idea. This will allow you to already find the first potential investors for a wikifolio certificate that is issued later on.

The watchlistings and the watchlisted capital are not binding and do not have to lead to an investment in a future wikifolio certificate. The watchlistings can also be used to continue to observe the wikifolio. Watchlisted wikifolios are stored in the watchlist of the interested persons.

Minimum term of 21 days

The wikifolio must have a minimum term of 21 days before it can reach the “Investable” status. The so-called “track record” refers to the previous term of the wikifolio and includes all actions you have taken in the wikifolio. The duration is derived from the sum of the days in the status “Test” and “Published”.