The issuance conversation by phone

Like the legitimization, the issuance conversation by phone is only mandatory for the first application for an investable wikifolio. The appointment for the call can be arranged online in the trade section as soon as the other conditions – at least ten watchlistings with a total of at least EUR 2,500 or CHF 2,500 of non-binding watchlisted capital and a 21-day track record, as well as the legitimisation – are met. Only then will a blue button “Arrange phone call” appear under the status bar of the wikifolio. This takes you to an appointment calendar where you can arrange the date and time of your issuance conversation. You will be called by a employee at the agreed time.

Together with an experienced employee, the final description of your trading idea will be defined in order to avoid unclear or unlawful formulations. You will also receive all the relevant information on the next steps in the issuance process.

As soon as the call is finished, you can request the issuance of the wikifolio certificate online. The link for this can be found in the trade section under the status bar of the wikifolio. After the issuance has been applied for, the change mode of the wikifolio is disabled and your trading idea will be forwarded for translation into German.

Once you have had one issuance conversation, each additional issuance can be requested without a phone call. Nevertheless, all legal requirements must be complied with and verified by us. In order to avoid unnecessarily delaying the issuance process, you should thus pay attention to the wording of your trading idea as explained on the following page.