The name of the wikifolio

The choice of the wikifolio title is of great importance. A good title describes the trading idea in one sentence and makes it easier for users to find it using wikifolio search. The following points must be observed when assigning a name:

No misleading terms may be selected
The wikifolio itself is a virtual portfolio and must not be confused with a financial product. A particularly inappropriate name would thus be “Stocks and ETF funds”. But if you would like to express that your wikifolio virtually invests in just those financial products, a name such as “Investment in stocks, ETF and Fund securities” can be used. Terms such as “index”, “portfolio”, “brokerage account” or “wikifolio” are not allowed.

Brand names and protected terms may not be used
Terms such as “DAX” or “MDAX” as well as other terms protected by patent and trademark offices may not be used in the wikifolio title. A wording such as “DAX securities” could, however, be used for instance.

The name may not contain misrepresentations or connote success
Terms such as “asset management” or “portfolio management”, e.g, are often used incorrectly. Because asset management is an activity that requires a permit and can only be performed with the corresponding approval by regulatory authorities. If a trader does not have such a permission, they may also not make this statement in their wikifolio.

Terms such as “100% return”, “long-term profits”, “maximum profit” are not allowed
These terms promise profits which cannot be guaranteed.

The wikifolio name must match the investment universe and trading idea
If, for instance “US securities trading” is selected as the name, the universe must also be restricted to US securities.


Tip: Ensure that the title of a wikifolio cannot be confused with other wikifolios!

The trading idea

The wikifolio trading idea must be explained in a clear and logical way and be linguistically as well as factually correct.

It is important to note that the wikifolio is a virtual portfolio
Therefore, it should be referred to as “wikifolio”, “portfolio” or “virtual portfolio” in the trading idea. Sentences that refer to a wikifolio certificate are not permitted.

In order to avoid false statements, the subjunctive should be used for the trading idea 
Sentences such as: “In this wikifolio, investments are made in European stocks” is therefore changed to “The basic aim in this wikifolio is to make investments in European securities”, since scenarios in which this statement cannot be adhered to are conceivable (e.g. a company whose shares are held in the wikifolio is acquired by a non-European competitor and is therefore no longer European). Alternatively, it is also possible to select phrases such as “it is intended” or “it is planned”.

The investment instruments selected in the “investment universe” section must be listed out.
The trading idea must match the selected investment universe. At least the main category used should be mentioned (e.g.: stocks, ETPs, funds, investment certificates, leverage products) and justified. If you mainly want to trade equities in your wikifolio, but want to keep the possibility to hedge with ETPs or leverage products, it needs to be mentioned in the trading idea.

The trading idea should also indicate the criteria based on which investment decisions are taken
In addition to mentioning the basic decision-making process, such as "technical analysis" or "fundamental analysis", concrete examples should be added. Again, if necessary, pay attention using the subjunctive. The description of the decision-making can thus be, for example: "The values in the wikifolio should be selected by technical analysis. In particular, trend indicators are planned to be used here."

”Hard” numerical data that may not be able to be adhered must be avoided
“The wikifolio always contains five stocks for 20% each” should rather be formulated as follows: “The basic aim is to add five stocks with nearly equal proportions into the wikifolio”. Special caution is required in the context of leverage products as the calculation of risk measures is often incorrect or incomplete. No backtests of the trading idea may be mentioned (e.g.: This strategy has generated 30% in recent years...).

Particular care must be taken that no activities requiring authorization for which the necessary permits are missing are promised or undertaken. 
Phrases such as “This wikifolio is suitable for investors ...” could be understood as investment advice. Therefore, only describe your trading idea and not for whom the portfolio may be suitable.

The trading idea must not contain any information about oneself or contact data, links to external sites must not be inserted either (since August 2013).

Tip: You can provide links that point to more information about yourself and your trading ideas in your trader profile.