Telephone trading

In exceptional cases (e.g. technical failure), will activate telephone trading for wikifolio traders of investable wikifolios. No telephone trading is available for regular trading on

As soon as the phone trading is activated, the concerned traders will be notified via social media such as Facebook and Twitter or by email.

How to get to your telephone trading password

As soon as your first wikifolio reaches the “Investable” status, you will receive the phone number and the password for the telephone trading.

The phone password consists of six characters and will be sent in two parts. The first part (three characters) will be sent to your registered email address via email. The second part (three characters) is sent to your legitimized mailing address.

Tip: Telephone trading can only be used for investable wikifolios! If you issue an order by telephone, please have this password and the ISIN of the certificate belonging to your wikifolio ready.