The filter options

Besides the top wikifolio ranking, there is a variety of other filter options in the wikifolio search. This includes the return key figures, the risk key figures as well as the wikifolio labels.

The wikifolio labels

You should pay particular attention to the wikifolio labels. Since one can selectively filter by specific labels – in other words, the search may be restricted e.g. to wikifolios with the label “loyal investors” – a variety of labels also increases the visibilitly of your wikifolio in the wikifolio detail search.

Overview of the wikifolio labels

The comment function

The comment function is also useful in increasing the perception of your wikifolio because individual comments are integrated in external partner websites. This allows you to achieve a range that goes beyond in the relevant target group. By regularly publishing comments about your transactions, the current positions in the wikifolio or your assessment of the market, you can draw the attention of users to your wikifolio.